What will happen if I froze the thawed items again?
There is a risk that the quality of the product will be bad.
It is possible to eat, but we do not recommend it.
I want products that are not displayed on this site.
Please contact us.
We develop new products for each season.
Therefore, we can sell items not listed on this site.
How is it delivered to me?
We basically use Ventilation Closed & Precooled REEFER (-20℃) FCL according to FOB.
However, we will respond to exports that adhere to delivery conditions.
How should I keep it?
Please store the product in a frozen state below -18 degrees Celsius(-0.4°F).
Which countries do you handle outside of Japan?
Our products are handled in USA, Ukraine, Singapore, Korea etc.
How long will delivery take?
These products are made-to-order(built-to-order), so it takes about 1 month from receiving the order to shipping.
How can I pay for the price?
Payment Terms: Japanese Yen T/T Remittance immediately after loading.
However, we are accepting your consultation.
I am concerned about quality.
We guarantee that the product quality (raw materials, ingredients, safety, manufacturing method, etc.) meets the prescribed standards.
If you keep the goods correctly, you can eat delicious during the expiration date.
The deadline for which the quality of products is guaranteed depends on the product.
Are food additives used in your products?
Products exported from Japan are in compliance with the regulations of the importing country.
We use food additives within Japanese standards.
I would like to know the procedure from ordering to receiving products.
Basic flow.
Orders received >>> Adjustment of contract >>> issue document >>> start production >>> Confirmation of payment >>> Application procedure for export >>> Export license is issued >>> shipment
However, depending on the product and your request, the procedure may change.
How is it sold in Japan?
In our shop, we are displaying like the following picture.