"Japanese vegan cheese" made main ingredient as RICE with the world's first technology! It stretches well and melts by heating, and it can be used good for PIZZA, GRATIN, CHEESE FONDUE, etc...

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“VEGAN BROWN RICE CHEESE” are Cheese substitutes that are expanding in demand worldwide,
and we were able to commercialize based on the processing technology that only our company can do.
The Advantages of using Rice (Brown rice) as a raw material for Cheese substitutes as following.
1. There are very few food allergies
2. Health can be improved by using brown rice.
3. By using Rice as a raw material, it is possible to make a product that is heated and stretched like cheese.
Although Cheese substitutes derived from soybeans and vegetable oils and fats has been sold in the current cheese market,
the delicious item nor stretching item by heated as Cheese is almost equal to none.
Please enjoy the taste of our product “VEGAN BROWN RICE CHEESE”.
Japanese vegan cheese

Japanese vegan cheese

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