The world's first source! "Mochi sauce" is a sauce made from rice cake.
This sauce is as soft as cheese and easy to get tangled,
but it has the feature that it does not become hard even if the temperature goes down.
"Mochi sauce" is a new style, making use of the soft features of rice cake.

This sauce does not have a strong taste. Therefore, it is attractive to match any food ingredients.
Pizza, hamburgers, potato fried ...
Of course it is perfect for sweets and fruits!
As you know, Japanese dishes such as Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki are also suitable.
Easy to use, just put on what you want to eat!

Mochi sauce Food Action Nippon Award

This sauce is frozen. Just defrost it when you want to use it. Easy to use!
Let's eat cheek mochi very popular in Japan.

"Mochi sauce" was awarded the Food Action Nippon Award 2018.
"Food Action Nippon" is an award to appreciate excellent food in Japan.
This award was established to inherit Japanese food culture to the next generation, and to create a new culture.

Mochi sauce

Recommend menu

  • Pizza

    The combination of cheese and mochi is excellent!!
    By adding mochi to food, it will mellow in flavor.
    You can add as much as you want to eat.

    Pizza menu
  • Hamburger

    If you add to hamburgers, you can taste a new texture.
    Mochi is very compatible with meat and vegetables.
    It adjusts the density of an oily meal.

    Humburger menu

Recommend menu

  • Okonomiyaki menu
  • Takoyaki menu
    for TAKOYAKI
  • Udon menu
    for UDON

Package Type

These package photos are samples.

  • Mochi sauce

    single pack

    carton size
    W 3"74 x H 11"81 x L 1"
    W 95mm x H 300mm x L 25mm

  • package

    36 mochi sauce pack