“MOCHICREAM Ice” is a dessert wrapped in rice cake with ice cream, born in Japan.
You can be happy feelings never experienced with cold ice cream and soft rice cake.
“MOCHICREAM Ice” is made using various materials, so you can find the perfect product for you.
Coffee, wine, tea · · · Let’s try “MOCHICREAM Ice” which can marry any scene!


Fried rice cakeAge-MOCHI / Age-OHAGI

These are deep-fried rice cake desserts, there are two kinds of soy sauce and miso taste.
This unsweet dessert is recommended when you feel a little hungry.
Of course it is a unsweet sweet perfect for you who are not good at sweet things.



Let’s try a sauce that stretches like a cheese!
This sauce made from rice cake is surprisingly good for fried chicken, pizza and fried potatoes.
Moreover, compatibility with cheese is also very good.